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Our Impact

When we started out we never dreamed that our impact would go beyond bringing smiles to the people driving down our small residential road. However, as word spread through social media and news outlets, the project gained momentum and we realized we possibly had the ability to reach far beyond our own neighborhood.  Starting in the fifth year, we decided to expand into partnering with charities and accepting donations that meshed with our values and the art form: clean water.  Over the next 5 years we were able to donate a total of $152,540.  This year, we hope to continue to grow our impact and reach even more of those in need.

Octopus 17,267 Fish 25,000 Lobster 16,201 Snail 31,000 Whale 63,072 152,540

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World Vision:
Cash, Check, or Credit Card donations will be accepted at the event
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